Getting To Know Us

We are an organization of tourism of the Sandubidi community women, belonging to the Ngäbe originary people.
Indeed, in their language, Meri Ngobe means Ngäbe Woman in English.

In Sandubidi (Popa 2), it is the MERI NGOBE project, which brings together women from the community in an organization that owns the restaurant, accommodation, handicrafts and all the activities that are offered to visitors.

Arriving at the community dock, tourists are heading down a path that, after climbing some steps, leaves them at the base of the community restaurant, where they can make arrangements to stay, eat delicious food, buy one of their colorful handicrafts or hire a tour.

Focusing on the opposite direction of the sea, is the rest of the community, partly surrounding an open area where children and youth practice sports, and across there the Community Elementary School.

The restaurant is the meeting point for the members of Meri Ngobe, meeting place and also, in addition to the restaurant, where they display and sell their handicrafts to visitors.